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Inbound Call 

Do you know that inbound call centers can handle a considerable amount of calls from customers for all kinds of businesses? Most of these calls are related to an organization’s services and products sales or inquiries. If your company lacks proper customer support in this aspect, it can lead to a drastic fall of the business. Therefore, to build up a  company’s customer base, there is a need for a professional inbound call center service provider.

At 247Extension, we provide a phenomenal inbound call center that promotes an appealing relationship between businesses and their customers. We can optimize our clients’ business income, cut down service cost and fortify customer bond through our ingenious inbound call agents.



Key Features of our Inbound Call Center

  • Minimized call abandonment rates
  • Trending voice and data communication structure
  • Service transparency
  • Excellent monitoring of calls via voice call recording
  • All-round the clock customer support service
Outsource your Inbound Call Center Services to 247Extension

The 247Extension inbound call service centers perk up every customer experience, thereby boosting our client’s customer base. Our inbound call agents that are assigned to your business are highly experienced and can handle different calls from several kinds of customers. By using the 247Extension inbound call agents, your business is bound to experience the following:

Elevated Lead Generation: We create sales channels by communicating through social media platforms to engage customers undivided attention for your organization’s products and services.

Cross-sell & Up-sell: We generate constant and increased sales for our clients by cross-selling and up-selling.

Promote Long-lasting Client-Base: We help you build a robust and improved customer relationship by treating customers queries accordingly, giving them the right solutions and further assistance if necessary.

Build Brand Trust Level: Our inbound call agents are trained to promote the brand of our clients’ businesses. Building trust is a sure key to gaining customers hearts to your products and services. For sure, this act will heighten the trust customers have for your business.