Business and Life Coaches

Get a Virtual Assistant to Support Your Business and Life Coaches

In 247 EXTENSION, we have a whole lot of virtual assistants with lots of experiments in supporting businesses. Do you have tons of emails? So busy that you can’t seem to manage your schedule? Let your virtual assistant do it for you. Having a virtual assistant gives you the chance to deal with other things.

Invest More Energy Where It matters

Training tells a lot on your time and your vitality. It’s additionally inconceivably fulfilling. All things considered, what feels superior to anything helping a man turn into the best individual they can be? Be that as it may, the majority of alternate things can act as a burden: messages, planning arrangements, connecting with new customers.

This is where a virtual assistant comes into play. Though most people are dutiful, no man is an island. We all need able hands to handle different segments in business. Getting a virtual assistant is not just resourceful but less expensive.

Spend your time wisely

Coaching is time and energy consuming. It is a noble profession because it makes other become better people. Other things like sorting emails, developing your site and commuting with new customers, all these can get in the way. A virtual assistant can be helpful in this context. You can’t do all three on your own, you need help from an experienced assistant.

Get help with your administrative tasks

Are your emails overflowing? Tired of replying messages and handling your voicemail? You need not to worry! Things just got easier with the aid of a 247 Extension virtual assistant.

Our virtual assistants are experienced in research, data collection, booking and so on… Instead of stressing in the management of your administrative tasks, why not employ the service of a virtual assistant? Let your virtual assistant do your administrative tasks for you!

Keep Improving

You are aware that having an online presence is important in improving your business but an online presence doesn’t just work out. It requires maintaining the site, sending and receiving emails which no doubt is time-consuming. You need not to get stressed out with all these. You have to advertise your service and attend to clients all at the same time!

Why all these? When you can delegate these duties to a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant can help with all these that your business needs to flourish.

Be every customer’s choice any day

Most big companies today grow as a result of referral as from customers. To be referred by clients doesn’t just come in place. It is possible because of the ability to converse properly with clients. Be it as it may, you might not be great at writing as you are in coaching. Delegate these duties to a virtual assistant good in writing.

Hold Seminars and Online Lectures

Seminars and online lectures depending on your choice help to grow your coaching business and improve your potential customer base. Holding seminars can be stressful and confusing if you do not have any idea on how to set it up.

A virtual assistant can be of help with setting up a seminar or lecture. Seminars also improve your public view and make people see you as a professional that you are.

Stay In Touch

When clients contact you, what they really want is a response. A quick response makes them feel important which they actually are to your business. They might be in touch with you through emails, calls and so on. Let your virtual assistant attend to your mail and calls regularly in order to be responsive to your clients at all times.

Also for your current clients, your virtual assistant can get interactive with them and get them filled up with more services you can offer. This makes your clients feel respected and important. Having a 247 Extension virtual assistant only makes your business more professional.

Explore the world

Aside from work, what do you do for fun? Do you go for family vacations or you work round the clock? A successful business isn’t complete if you do not have a wonderful time with family. Let your 247 Extension virtual assistant do tasks like paying your bills, booking a reservation for a family vacation or booking flight tickets. When your assistant helps out with your business and personal schedules, it also avoids collision of shows in your business and family schedules.