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We are not the traditional answering service, we chose only the best people from anywhere in the world and install them in our team. Start a Career with 247 Extension today Becoming an expert is an important factor for offering a top-notch customer service. After each discussion with a customer, the customer should have an inner satisfaction that he or she contacted the right person. That is the kind of charisma our representatives possess, they naturally fit into the needs of your clients in relation to your business.

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Our Team

Our team focus is a huge determiner that ranks us far from other answering services. We don’t just focus on the team; we focus on your business too.

Our Careers

247 Extension is always on the lookout for competent and gifted folks to join in our team; more so, we are seeking business support associate positions and bilingual associate inclusive.

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Our Client Services/Support

At 247 Extension, your customer service and support associate will provide you with all that you need to increase the progress you benefit from our services and leverage on our joint effort.

How 247 Extension Works

Our team assists to set up a customer service for your business by helping you get your account working. Then, virtual representatives will take up your business calls over the internet utilizing your local number or toll-free one that we will provide you. Through an automated data set up for you according to your request, we will instantly send your messages either via text or email. You can also get it directly from our mobile or web apps at any time, any day.