Why Choose Us

At 247 We Extension we only contract well educated virtual assistants across the globe to meet up with your requirements just where you are. Distance is not a barrier

Try to envisage that you’ve screened a great number of educated and exceptionally prepared virtual assistants and set them up for this very activity—and you just needed to pick one. That’s exactly what 247 extension has done for you.

  • Virtual Assistants Situated across the globe
  • Well educated
  • Under 2% of candidates procured

Professionally prepared virtual assistants

Vibrant professional virtual assistants are already waiting to be hired. Whatever the service you need, they are well trained ready o handle your task in any of our available services.

  • Ready to take up administrative assignments
  • Managed and supported professionally
  • Capable in Microsoft, Google, and most well-known efficiency suites

You need a replacement? No worries!

Worried that your specific Virtual Assistant isn’t exactly what you need? Don’t sweat it. One email to our Support group and you have another extraordinary virtual assistant prepared to go promptly. The good news is, we already have most of your documents and work history on our database so with just a simple transfer your new virtual assistant gets back to work.

  • No stress in replacement of assistants
  • With just one email issues are resolved
  • Contact us once and you are ready to go