Data Entry

Utilize a Virtual Assistant for Your Data Entry

Many industries today cannot do without data entry. In E-commerce, Real Estate, Healthcare, Banking, Construction, and other industries data entry are highly needed. For those that are in a business that needs heavy data entry, they know how time-consuming it can be.

Hire a virtual assistant to handle it

A lot of successful people in these industries depend on 247 Extension for their data entry. We create more time for you to dive into core issue while we take care of the latest smaller ones that tend to eat up your time. At 247 Extension, we allocate you your own personal virtual assistant that is highly trained and had already undergone strict screening in data entry operations. Just align your virtual assistant with what you want to do and the virtual assistant is right on it.

Invest Your Time On Core Business Matters

Data entry can be time-consuming and to be sincere it is not quite interesting at times. For individuals running their businesses or heading a particular arm of an organization, data entry might be a burden for you because there are other vital issues to attend to and are pending.

At this juncture, a 247 Extension virtual assistant is the only option. Only a virtual assistant can help you manage your time and make you save good time for other vital issues. It is impossible to run a successful business all alone. With a virtual assistant you don’t have to work alone, also you have more time to attend to core issues.

When you hire a virtual assistant you end up paying less for your data entry service compared to the price of hiring a full-time staff for your data entry. You can check out our price list. With a virtual assistant, you pay for the tasks delegated to them.

List of What a Data Entry Virtual Assistant Will Do

A 247 Extension virtual assistant is always available to assist organizations, corporate groups, and individuals with their data entry needs. The following are what they can assist you with:

  • Clear out junk and irrelevant files
  • Prepare all your data for proper entry and documentation
  • Record all tasks and activities
  • Confirm all data for accuracy
  • Data Conversion
  • Safe and Secure Management of your database
  • Present all your data in the right form
  • Processing forms
  • Accurately fix in your data

Get Administrative Support

Depending on what you want, note that your data entry virtual assistant can also assist you in responding to emails, keep track of your to-do list, inbox management, doc prep, event planning, research and surveys, social media marketing, small business support services, and many others.

You being an experienced person in a whole lot of things so it would be encouraging to delegate administrative tasks to your virtual assistant and focus more on what you are expert at.

We Help You Stay In Touch

Every customers and vendor expect a quick answer. But one fact is, attending to other assignments can make your voicemail and emails to pile up.

Your 247 Extension virtual assistant can regularly check your voicemails and emails daily to make sure you don’t miss out important events. Anytime they get an important info, they quickly forward you the info in a format that you can easily digest and work with.

It is necessary you get your virtual assistant acquainted to all your message templates for commonly asked questions and frequent inquiries. With this in place, your emails, messages, and inquiries get an instant response without you having to spend your time on it. This is more like a one person customer service center where all the questions you don’t really have time to take can be taken care of on your behalf.

At 247 Extension, our administrative and executive virtual assistant are experienced in how to relate with any kind of person. So all your contacts are in a safe hand. Whether new or old clients, they will be treated professionally that they would never believe we are not within your office walls. Hiring an expert virtual assistant enhances your business and also make it meet up to a world class standard.