E-commerce Site

Do You Operate an E-commerce Site? You Sure Need a Virtual Assistant.

247 Extension have a lot of virtual assistants that are experts in many fields with enough experience in e-commerce. They help you with the small tasks you possibly can’t do by yourself while you on the other hand focus on enhancing your company.

Spend More Time Where It Counts

Operating an e-commerce website can be very tasking. Preparing client’s order, responding and conversing with them, delivering a client’s order and so on. It can be so tiresome completing all these! This is where you require the services of a virtual assistant. Dividing labor will reduce the workload as you cannot run a business on your own. Getting a 247 Extension virtual assistant reduces the workload and with a 247 Extension package, you don’t need to spend much to get an experienced virtual assistant.

Get Administrative Support

Are you tired of replying or reading tons of emails daily? Tired of rushing to pay bills before they are due? We have good news for you! Our 247 Extension virtual assistant will handle that and even more for you. Virtual assistants from us are experienced in data collection, survey, email and media management and so on…

You might be an good in administrative tasks but you are experts in your job! That’s why you do what you do. Let your virtual assistant manage the administrative part of your job for you.

Deal with The Money Flow

A standout amongst the most imperative employments of a web-based business website proprietor is dealing with the stream of cash. You need to ensure your merchants and representatives are paid.

247 Extension virtual assistants are experts in keeping the flow of money. They can also help you with sorting who has paid and who hasn’t. So much relief right? Yes! You will be happy when you do have to stress about how you would pay your bills or order groceries from the store.

The Internet

The internet has grown wide and large. It serves as a medium to market products and services. Having a very strong media is important in enhancing and propagating your services to the world but accomplishing this can be very tasking. You can’t do it alone. A virtual assistant can be of great help to you in situations like this. Your virtual assistant will help you in promoting your services online and still get sponsors for you.

You can’t seem to do your work and still attend to your social media accounts alone. You need a 247 Extension virtual assistant by your side.


Marketing is a very important part of any type of business you are involved in. It involves letting people know what you can offer them and why they need your service. There is more to it than printing handbills or running ads on google and so on.

 A small scaled company with a strong marketing team can go a long way than a large company with a weak marketing team. You sure cannot do all that yourself. You need a, 247 Extension virtual assistant!

Quick Follow up

When potential clients send you emails or messages either to find out more about your service or purchase your product, they need a quick response. It gives them that assurance that all hands on deck. Not emails and messages piling up and no one there to attend to them.

Your virtual assistant can do that for you. Answer calls, read and reply emails and messages from clients. You can also give your virtual assistant tips about answering questions from potential clients seeking information about your product.

When clients reach out to you and they get instant replies and are being followed up about their interest in your services, you make them feel important. Making your clients know how important they are to you is very essential. These and more your 247 Extension virtual assistant can do for you.

What We Can’t Do

In as much as our virtual assistant can do a variety of tasks, they are a few that they can’t do. Like physical tasks, packing and so on..  It is important to know the do’s and don’ts of your virtual assistant.