Financial Advisers

Financial Advisors Also Need a Virtual Assistant

247 Extensionhas many experienced virtual assistants who are used to working with accountants like managing inbox, marketing and doing some paperwork. Virtual assistants are ever ready to assist you in everything.

Utilizing your time in the right place

Accountants are always having different tasks of various forms like account opening, attendant to complaints and other administrative jobs. You don’t have to do all the work alone when you can delegate these duties to a 247 Extensionvirtual assistant. Doing this, you have enough time to focus on more pressing issues.

Delegate Administrative tasks

Our virtual assistants are experienced in managing your inbox, scheduling and so on. Is there any administrative task you detest or often get tired of? A task that tends to take the whole day? You need not stress on it no more. Our virtual assistant will take care of them.

Do you feel the tasks you need with are not much? Now, here is the deal! You can employ a virtual assistant on a part-time basis where you pay as they work.

 The Paperwork

As a financial adviser or accountant, there is a lot of paperwork because it involves a lot of attestations from both parties. Some paperwork can take hours to fill, might even be the same form over and over again for different clients. A virtual assistant can take care of your paperwork for you.

Continue Thriving

To broaden the customer base of your business, you need to be on top of your game at all times. More than half of big business in the world increased their base by the use of the internet. But as the saying goes “Jack of all trade is the master of no one” You might be an expert in calling in clients but it might be same for using the internet to your own advantage. A strong online base is important for every business. Our virtual assistants can help you market your business’s online through the use of social media and so on.

Gain your client’s trust!

We are very much aware that having your client’s trust is important for the success of any business. When “a friend tells a friend”, it is called referral and a good referral comes as a result of good communication and nice rapport with your customers. But not everybody is skilled in this right? Let your virtual assistant who is an expert in relating with clients do that for you.

Stay In Touch

Some clients prefer calling before they order a service. When they call or try to get across to you if you do not respond quickly to them, they see you as being unserious and that’s a bad perspective to have of your business. To those clients already patronizing you, your virtual assistant can spice up the relationship between you and your client. Emails and messages tend to get too much when it isn’t attended to on time. You can also get a virtual assistant to pick that important call or attend to those overflowing emails without needing your undivided attention or you having to inspect them. Your virtual assistant will help you attend to frequently asked questions on your page or company website. Having a 247 Extensionvirtual assistant only enhances the professionalism of your business.