Professional Email Management

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Professional Email Management

Email is one of the most common methods of business communication. Many individuals spend a portion of their time each day checking their inbox. Email management is a task that many organizations and individuals would want to delegate TOA virtual assistant.

247 Extension virtual assistant is already trained on inbox management and they are ready to professionally manage your inbox just exactly how it suits you. Setting a proper email management plan will help you gather the right communication to your clients and contacts. Do you want a high responsiveness or zero inbox? Your 247 Extension virtual assistant is ready to assist you just exactly how you want them to.

Trust Us to Help Save Your Time

There several tasks associated with email management that our virtual assistant can assist you with. These tasks include:

Sending of introductory email to new clients and customers

Help you unsubscribe from irrelevant email lists

Assist you to update and manage your email contact list

Control your autoresponder when you are away from the office

Sort out your emails, deleting old ones, clean up your spam, archive important one’s etcetera.

Quick response to requests for appointments, fix them up and include them your to-do list and your calendar.

Allow Us Take Total Charge of Your Inbox

Everyone needs an inbox management system, whether it’s a business email or a personal one, whether you get a minimum of 50 emails daily or a maximum of 500. If you plan to spend little time on your inbox, then you need an inbox management for a proper organization.

247 Extension has a unique customized system that can be utilized for your inbox management according to your preferences. Maybe, you already have an inbox management system, your 247 Extension virtual assistant will integrate into the system and improve on it diagnosing what is working best in the system and what is not.

No matter the kind of inbox management system you are using, there are various methods your virtual assistant can navigate through in order to improve your email efficiency. The following are just a few of our suggestions:

Don’t worry about reading your emails

50% of your time that gets wasted is the opening and reading of email. Most times you end up opening an email that is not relevant to you. Which means the whole time opening that mail is wasted!

Which you delegate your virtual assistant to manage your inbox, your emails are being sorted and you now only get to see what is relevant to you and take necessary actions without wasting your precious time on junk mails.

Boost your responsiveness

You cannot be responsive to emails without spending a chunk part of your time. So you need to get a virtual assistant to handle that for you.

Align your virtual assistant with the kind of emails and contacts that are important and relevant to you. Plus emails you would need to pay a special attention to and your virtual assistant will be on it according to your instruction.

Your virtual assistant can help you set up templates for different email and send replies without you having to do anything.

For instance, if you get a request for how a particular product or service works or request for samples of your work, then your virtual assistant can assist to send the necessary replies without you having to bother yourself.

Rapid action

At times you might get an email that includes some kind of immediate action item which is supposed to go on your to-do list. So you might not want to delete the email, so you have to keep it sitting in your Inbox for several weeks to help save the details so as not to forget.

Also, another challenge might be that for you to understand the email you would need to read the mail over and over which might be time-consuming. Let your 247 Extension virtual assistant take rapid action on the email. Your virtual assistant can convert the email into task fixing all the needed information on your calendar. With this, you can easily glance through and get the message without opening, reading and rereading any email.

Note that our 247 Extension virtual assistants are vast with a various task management system like Asana, Basecamp, Wrike, and Evernote. Hire one today!