Property Managers

Property Managers need Virtual assistants too!

At 247 Extension, we have a whole lot of virtual assistants who are experienced in working with Property Managers. Our assistants can help you with small tasks which will give you the chance to focus on more important aspects of your business

Use your time wisely

Utilizing your time wisely is very important in property management because it comes with great responsibility. You tend to be more concerned about the wellbeing of the property you are managing, ensure the tenants pay up their bills as due and so on. Balancing the duties involved in property management cannot be sorted out with just you alone.

With the help of a virtual assistant, you will be changed to focus on improving your business and still enjoy the services of an assistant at a reasonable cost.

Get help with your Administrative tasks

Do you forget appointments? Reply to emails and messages late? Finding it hard to manage your calendar? Here is good news! Let your virtual assistant handle it for you as they are skilled and very well experienced in surveys, collecting data, research and carrying out administrative tasks.

Internet and Advertisement

Internet and advertisements go hand in hand, small-scaled business presently relies on the internet to advertise their work. Many companies as well as brands go on social media, advertise their products and services.

It is important for a brand to have a social media representative where people from far and wide can view your products and services you can offer. This can also take much of your time as a social media presence needs attention by maintaining the site, writing. uploading and updating. A 247 Extension virtual assistant can improve your social media presence thereby bring in more clients for the company’s advantage. A virtual assistant can do a good job of improving your establishment’s customer base.


Managing properties and enabling tenants to pay up in time can be a stressful and because of its workload, this can’t be overlooked because it is a very important part of the business in order to keep it going. Also, keeping track of the payment roll, knowing the exact amount that has been remitted or yet to be remitted. A virtual assistant can keep the stress away. You would be amazed at how much stress a virtual assistant can take from you.

Gaining customers trust

Gaining customers trust is a very fast way of getting more customers as they would happily refer you to friends and Family. Getting referrals mainly depends on how easily you can communicate with your clients. Writing as it is, is easier said than done. You would require the services of a virtual assistant who would perfectly write and communicate with clients.


Let your 247 Extension virtual assistant help you in answering calls or replying emails. When tenants or clients contact you, they expect you to attend to them as quick as possible. It makes them feel respected and important. How would you achieve this if you are doing the whole work on your own? Impossible right? Yes! You need a virtual assistant.