Real Estate Workers

Real Estate Workers Need a Virtual Assistant Too!

Our virtual assistants are eager to help you out in anything that gives you stress or make life a bit difficult for you. Do you have a lot of unread emails that need attention? Are you often busy? And have no time for family vacations or outings? You need stress no more! As 247 Extension have your problems!s solved by providing a virtual assistant for you.

247 Extension has virtually everything you need with a high number of competent virtual assistants who are learned and experienced in the estate industry. Agents and investors from real estates utilize our services because of our prompt and satisfiable services.

Spend More Time Where It Counts

Real estate workers are a very busy set of people as their job is time-consuming. They have lots of duties from meeting with customers to following leads. As a real estate agent, you need to be certain about how best to spend your time.

You need to spend your time on things that best interests your business and not menial jobs or sorting emails that can easily be handled by a virtual assistant.

Let our virtual assistant help you with your  Administrative tasks.

Our virtual assistants are experienced in planning events, surveys, and data collection. Administrative jobs are time-consuming and you could help do with a virtual assistant.

Increasing your business

In every business or industry, growth is important. To enhance the growth of your business, you need an online manager that will help out in managing the company’s social media accounts and assist in marketing your services to the world. Your 247 Extension virtual assistant can do that for you. This will immensely increase the growth of your business.

Having a good response time

Responding on time either to a client or to a frequently asked question is very important. It is important to note that your response time helps you to gain more customers. With your inbox full and messages unattended to, you don’t stand a chance in increasing your customer base.

Your virtual can help you to reply messages and conversing with your potential clients. Responding to their complaints or finalizing a deal.

A virtual assistant can help you with your personal tasks too

Having a busy schedule can be frustrating at times as you often forget about your personal life! Like a family get together, a hairdo or an appointment with the spa! Let your 247 Extension virtual assistants do that for you. Your virtual assistants can help with booking a haircut appointment, paying your bills before time, book a family flight ticket for a vacation and so on. With a 247 Extension virtual assistant, everyone is happy!