Chat Support Service

247 Extension Chat Support for Businesses

247 Extension provides your businesses with a personalized messaging platform that is integrated with practical tools and channels for boosting your business growth at every level. These essential tools on our chat support dashboard will make your business benefit the following:

Gain More Customers

Even while your business has closed from your office cubicle, we continually use the support chat system to generate more leads and bring in more deals. This earns the business more customers and unlimited growth. 

Capture More Customers

With the live chat support system, we will send out targeted messages to several potential customers and active customers. This will help them acquire the most out of your services.

Live Support to More Customers

Customer support is a continuous process. Our chat support system is used to offer customized help and self-service support to customers.

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Fast track deals instantly through your channel

The 247 Extension chatbots and live chats will help you fast track a higher percentage of your leads and convert them into deals at the go with the following plan.

  • Business Messenger

We engage leads on your website with chats as soon as you come online, and we save their data for you when you are offline.

  • Outbound Messaging

Targeted messages are forwarded to users on your site, apps, and through emails to start conversations,  get leads, boost conversions, and strike deals.

  • Team Inbox

We channel our captured leads to the right representatives instantly. Give an automated response to every customer’s message from a team shared platform.

  • Detailed Reporting

Give you an updated report on all openings; channels created and captured transactions for your business and your team inclusive.

  • Bots for Marketing and Sales

When your website is offline, 247 Extension chat support comes in to provide an all round the clock leads capturing, forward the leads to your sales representatives and book demos. These will lead to an increase in sales.

Direct engagement at a wide range

Activated your customers for a boost with direct, engaging messages through our chat support utilizing these effective tools. 

  • Messages

Make use of direct chats, emails, and in-app messages to trigger customers to take the bold step for action.

  • Campaigns

Set up periodic campaigns in the form of messages to jet-drive and channel customers towards achieving your business target.

  • Product Tours

Set up engaging tours of your products and services that will pilot fresh sign-ups through questions and tasks to highlights your business values and qualities.

  • Customer Data Platform

Implement significant engagement with your customers’ information to help your process your customer base. This method will make you make direct follow up with targeted messages and customized contents.

  • Insights and Reporting

Maximize business performance by examining recent developments and trying new ideas.

Assist your customers and your team

Chat support with integrated tools and foolproof strategies are put in place to prepare your team for the best. 

  • Business Messenger 

Offer quick response via live chat support on your business mobile app and website.

  • Team Inbox

In a  team shared inbox, customers questions are processed and replied at the go. 

  • Integrated Knowledge Base

Guide customers to the right answers for their questions and inquiries just where and when needed.

  • Customer Data Platform

Properly store customers’ information and chat history for reference sake.

  • Bots for Support

24/7 team assistance when they are occupied or not in place to reply to customers.