Software Development

There are different software used in a different business context. 

Accounting Software

This software includes numerous accounting and bookkeeping tasks. It involves definite following of the considerable number of records and preparing accounts like the Journal, Double entry System, Trial Balance, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Ledger and Payroll. 

Payroll Software

Payroll software is the package of HR solutions. It mechanizes the whole strategy of paying pay rates to the workers with straightforward and complex payrolls. It is designed to track the locations of multiple companies who all are in the same field. It assists an organization in calculating the paychecks as well as to track the attendance. This software is often known as the ‘standalone system’ The Payroll Software that we make for our customers additionally includes:

  • Regulating tool for maintenance of CSR
  • Maintains a strategic distance from consistency issues 
  • Login framework for verified records of Staff information 
  • Eliminates the miscommunication
  • Login system for secured files of employee data
  • Messaging customized pay slips to Staff
  • Writing tool for HR

Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management software is the most preferred software by all the drinks and food brands. This Software is structured, remembering all the fundamental viewpoints like the requirements and the eating patterns of the clients. The aspects which are associated with this software are Web reporting, Billing, Queue management, Reservations, Promotions, Inventory management, Orders and gift vouchers.

ERP Software

ERP software is known as Enterprise Resource Planning Software. It is a business management software. It helps to support a database the board framework to keep all the database updated appropriately. With the ERP software, you can have blunder free exchange. The procedures which are engaged with ERP are Shipping, Product Planning, Retail, Finance, Marketing, Manufacture, Inventory and Material Management.

School Management  Software

School management Software keeps a sufficient track of the considerable number of students and staff. At 247 Extension, we design the most accessible software for your school or institute so that you can get the best results.

CRM Software

CRM Software known as Customer Relationship Management software assists your team in working and building relationships with your customers as well. With a perfect CRM FROM 247 Extension, your employees will work more efficiently and keep you updated with the work environment. 

Vehicle Management Software

The Vehicle management software .aids the activity and upkeep of an organization, the highlights which acquire significance are following of the vehicles, keeping up the module, bookkeeping, traffic excellent report and fuel management. This Software given by 247Extension includes all the above focuses on assisting you with the best.

Hotel Management Software

Hotel management software is a software that offers administration to the organizations which include booking a lodging day in day out; everyday activities incorporate online room booking or by telephone, payment methods and efficient administration of housekeeping activities