Travel Booking and Planning

Relieve Your Stress of Travel Booking and Planning with A Virtual Assistant

Traveling plans and preparation can be a whole lot of burden on you. There are thousands of sites that are available for finding the right flights, affordable car rentals, good hotels, best restaurants and many more. Having these many options of services is good but you might not have the time to sit and narrow it all to the one that suits your requirement and budget.

Heave every detail of your trip from beginning to the end on a virtual assistant. 247 Extension virtual assistants have good experience in both business and personal travels in the US and across the globe. They are all ready to aid you to get your travel planned, booked and scheduled. They can assist you to get the best of:

  • Car rental
  • Scheduling and booking flights
  • Surveying and booking of hotels
  • Travel itineraries
  • Search for best restaurants

Hire a Personal Travel Planner

247 Extension virtual assistants will go beyond booking your flights or hotels, they will also make sure to give you all necessary support for your traveling needs.

All you need do is just to share your travel details with your virtual assistant and they will execute it just as you desire with a professional finish. Don’t worry your details will be kept safe, secured and utilized for subsequent travels.

A better choice from a wide range of options available

247 Extension virtual assistants have undergone a series of training on flights research and booking, hotels research and reservation and affordable car rentals and several other travel needs. They will always make sure you get the best of prices that suit your budget and meet your requirements.

Our virtual assistant after making their search will present you with two to three best options that will match your requirements with any other vital information they consider you might be needing.

Get your travel schedule on your calendar with the right details you need

Your 247 Extension virtual assistant will help you fix your travel details on your calendar which will include the confirmation numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and any other essential information that are related to your travel plan without your stressing to search for it.

At your request, our virtual assistants can also research and reserve the best restaurants, meeting venues, car rentals and every other thing that will make your travel is a smooth one and like an adventure.

Your virtual assistant takes over your office assignments while you are away

Get a proper management of your office tasks when you are away. Be rest assured that your virtual assistant can take perfect control of your inbox and bring to your notice any urgent matter, check on your voicemail and send vital information to you. Also, they can keep records of your receipts for remuneration during your travel.

Get the Best Out of Your Travel

Traveling for either business or pleasure, you would want to take good advantage of the luxuries the area you are traveling to has to offer. Locating the best entertainment centers, best restaurants or tourist centers could be so difficult especially when you are with small children or someone with a special health condition etcetera.

Hiring a well trained and experienced 247 Extension virtual assistant to arrange your itinerary putting all your needs to consideration will help you to enjoy your time out without no stress and worries.

247 Extension virtual can help you arrange from your honeymoon, family vacation, business trips, group tour, and many others. Just put your virtual assistant in-line with your needs and it will be taken care of even more than your expectation.